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hansi95ruebe's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 14 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 485 Points

Hero Agency

Career Ladder Unlocked 3/24/17
5 Points
Hire your first adventurer into the agency.
Pre-Judged Unlocked 3/24/17
5 Points
Reject an application from an adventurer wishing to join your agency.
Trophy Case Unlocked 3/24/17
5 Points
Increase your agency reputation for the first time.
Could've Been A Hero Unlocked 3/24/17
10 Points
Witness the demise of one of your adventurers.
The Old Boot Unlocked 3/24/17
10 Points
Sack an adventurer who is at least level 10.
Got Experience? Unlocked 3/24/17
25 Points
Have an adventurer reach level 50.
Money Bags Unlocked 3/24/17
25 Points
Earn at least 100,000 gold.
Around The World Unlocked 3/24/17
50 Points
Achieve a World Renowned reptuation for your agency.
Badge of Honour Unlocked 3/24/17
50 Points
Honour your first adventurer.
Big Spender Unlocked 3/24/17
50 Points
Spend at least 150,000 gold.
Party Time Unlocked 3/24/17
50 Points
Hire an adventurer in every party member slot.
Taskmaster Unlocked 3/24/17
50 Points
Claim the rewards from every location task.
Training Complete Unlocked 3/24/17
50 Points
Prestige an adventurer.
Honour Them All Unlocked 3/24/17
100 Points
Honour an adventurer in every party member slot.

Medals Earned: 14/14 (485/485 points)